How to Date Multiple Women program by Joshua Pellicer


Hi I’m Trey Miller and you probably found this site searching for information about the How to Date Multiple Women program by Joshua Pellicer. I created this site with the purpose of making people realize that they shouldn’t settle for relationships with women that are not right for them and that they should keep on dating until they find the right ones.




Let me start by telling you that I have a problem with anyone calling himself a dating expert, guru or “master pick-up artist”. That is because I have read several dating guides myself and the only thing I can tell is that they suck! Not many of them happened to teach me something that I didn’t already knew.


Who is this Josh guy you may wonder?


Most dating coaches are total jack asses seriously. But I like this Josh fellow. He and his new program titled How to Date Multiple Women is full of different things and knowledge that you won’t find anywhere else.

(He also created The Tao Of Badass. The program is still one of the most successful pick-up guides available on the net) you can check it out here





It seems that he has a very different approach about women and the ideas he illustrates are doable. It contains none of that theory based crap. All this comes from experience and this guy has it. He is known to be dating multiple hot women for years in different parts of the country, this guy seems to know the works. And believe me he’s got the credentials.

A pretty sharp individual that isn’t scared to show his real name and face allover the media. He had a show on Sirius radio, been on Howard Stern and also had a special on Current Tv. He’s friends with all sorts of Hollywood badasses and that proves something.

There are also videos of him that he sends to people on his mailing list where he provides really useful info for free which is pretty cool.

Another amazing thing is the fact that this guy was working at a gas station while living with his ex-girl that treated him bad. After having a life-changing experience, he went all out to become the most knowledgeable character that understands attraction and knows how to use social dynamic skills to be super successful with women.

He ended up doing all the cool stuff every guy wishes to do while he’s still young. Hooking up with two women at once or dating seven girls for years.

I encourage you to learn all you can from this man. He has helped allot of people to become successful with girls, including myself.



How To Date Multiple Women


From the How to Date Multiple Women program I found out more info than I found in all the other master pick-up programs I read, I’m not exaggerating. I also learned that getting multiple girlfriends is no harder than getting one girlfriend. Fact is that it’s easier to get the second, third girl and so on because women are intrigued by men who date multiple women openly. It simply turns them on! It’s a strategy that already worked for me.

Parts I liked are when he explains the methods of meeting new girls and getting their numbers, the part about going over the “crux moments” (which is terribly helpful you will see) and the best part by far known as WATERFALLS where women bring you their friends for a moresome :D

I can’t tell you for sure that it will work for you because I don’t know you. But if you got the program and already tried to use it and wasn’t helpful for you in getting women i would be extremely surprised! In my opinion “How to Date Multiple Women”  is the coolest and the quickest way to overcharge your confidence.


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Should you invest in How to Date Multiple Women?

You probably should and my thoughts are that you will be quite impressed. It is guaranteed and it will assure that you are thoroughly pleased and getting girls on a different level.  So start having fun.

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